Nails Care   How often should you get your nails done?   If you have artificial nails, the book suggests every 2 weeks. How fast the nails grow varies person by person. Basically, how often you should get your nails done depends on two factors: first, how beat up your nails are; second, how fast they grow. If your nails grow slowly and are well taken care of, you may be able to stretch to 2 and a half weeks, or even 3 weeks. Otherwise, 2 weeks is recommended. The most benefit of getting your nails done every two weeks is in the event of your nails catching fungus, the damage won’t be significant because the fungus do not have enough time to grow and pose any serious threat to your nails. If you are not aware of the condition and prolong it, the fungus will grow and cause some regretful damage to your nails. Another benefit is you can continuously maintain your nails to the way you like.   If you have natural nails, the need for getting them done is much less compulsory. If you look at your nails and think that they need to be done, or if you have a party, function, wedding… to take part in, then they need to be done. We have customer that visit our salon for a manicure service every week and a manicure with gel polish every 2 weeks. And we also have customers that only come occasionally when they have specific reason to get their nails look decent. That is also applied for pedicure service. Most women don’t get their pedicure often. Since the most of time, their feet in boots, socks, or shoes…etc. They don’t have ventilation and tend to be unhealthy. In addition, some of women are hard working. They walk and stand a lot at their work place. The calluses are built up on the heel which lead to the pain they feel on their feet all day. Having a pedicure will reserve a better condition. The service will clean your feet, clear the pores, exfoliate dead tissues, and hydrate the skin…etc. Dipping Powder in Boca Raton dip nails nexgen nails